Pisano Films is a video and animation studio in Pittsburgh, PA, specializing in documentary, nonprofit, and educational storytelling. Our favorite projects challenge us to:
• support social justice by highlighting the people working towards it, and by sharing resources to enable individual and grassroots activism;

• amplify diverse voices in media and promote solidarity through storytelling;

• and educate about the natural world and the importance of human stewardship.

Michael Pisano, Studio Director
Michael Pisano is a filmmaker, animator, illustrator and naturalist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Raised in New Jersey farmland, Michael came to Pittsburgh in 2004 to study video, animation, and creative writing at Carnegie Mellon University. Since graduating, he has worked as a video editor, media archivist, print designer, waiter, artist assistant, live-in personal chef, video game animator, marketing and business development manager, and documentary editor. In 2011 he opened Pisano Films — an independent film and animation studio with a focus on education, social justice, and environmental stewardship. 

When he’s not at work, you’ll find him walking in the woods taking pictures of bugs and mushrooms, drawing monsters, or watching spooky movies. Michael can make a perfect over medium egg. He lives in the North Hills with his wife, Mackenzie, and two cats who are brothers. 
Haunted Meat | Instagram | michael@pisanofilms.com
Di-ay Battad | Editor and Filmmaker
Mackenzie Kimmel | Video & Audio Editor