Music videos for singles from "Howth" (2011) and "Newkirk" (2012). 
Listen to Howth's music here.
Music video for Mark Mangini's 2014 release, “Loss”.
Music Video for Clara Kent's "Silence to Sound" (2013).
Assassins | Greazy Duzit and Dizzy Dane | DJ Thermos Remix
From the album Encryption Cipher Pt.1 presented by Tuff Sound Encoding and Pittsburgh Modular Records.
Goathelper + Austra | VIA 2011 Video Performance Reel
Some highlights from video I shot, edited, and performed live during Austra's set at the 2011 VIA Music and New Media Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. 
These clips--a combo of greenscreen, stop motion, and miniatures--were mixed live (using modul8) with ~35 minutes of additional original video made for the event by myself, Michael Mallis, and Michael McParlane (AKA Goathelper Industries).
Music: "The Villain" | Austra ("Feel It Break" | Paper Bag Records)
Austra makes great music, and you should listen to it:
VIA puts on incredible shows all year round:
Michael Mallis:
Michael McParlane:
Featuring the acting and makeup/costume design talents of Anya Weitzman:
Shot on a Canon T3i against a roll of craft paper lit by desk lamps in my apartment's second bedroom.
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