Above | Some highlights from video I shot, edited, and performed live during Austra's set at the 2011 VIA Music and New Media Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. The festival paired musicians with live video artists--check out a recap here.
These clips--a combo of greenscreen, stop motion, and miniatures--were mixed live (using modul8) with ~35 minutes of additional original video made for the event by myself, Michael Mallis, and Michael McParlane (AKA Goathelper Industries). Featuring the acting and makeup/costume design talents of Anya Weitzman. Shot on a Canon T3i against a roll of craft paper lit by desk lamps in my apartment's second bedroom.
Music: "The Villain" | Austra ("Feel It Break" | Paper Bag Records)
Goathelper Industries initially formed around a 2011 live video/performance event at Show Cave in LA. Images below were for/from that event.
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