Carnegie Museum of Natural History
CMNH's mission is to deepen wonder and advance understanding of our natural world—past and present—in order to embrace responsibility for our collective future. Pisano Films is collaborating with CMNH on an exhibition, a video series, and a podcast.
Biology Department Promo: Research is for All | Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
Undergraduate students at the University of Pittsburgh get firsthand experience doing real research alongside leading scientists, contributing to data sets and getting hands-on experience in the lab.
Backyard Macro Tour
Test footage for a forthcoming video series about pollinators.
Shroomlapses | Personal Project
Timelapse footage of oyster mushrooms growing in my basement.
High School Urban EcoStewards | Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
High School Urban EcoStewards are groups of students who adopt a section of park land, visiting throughout the year to perform nature journaling and stewardship activities. Students watch as their site changes through the seasons and learn how their work improves the health of the park.
Dying Earth Scouts Field Guide to Extinction
The Dying Earth Scouts Field Guide to Extinction is a documentary currently in development about extinction and climate change. Earth is losing biodiversity at the fastest rate since the dinosaurs perished, at an estimated 140,000 species per year. The Field Guide explores the causes of this and other mass extinctions, largely through study of life in the undergrowth, where the warning signs and consequences of extinctions can be seen early.
A Fable for Tomorrow | SocialChange101
Rachel Carson loved the woods and the sea. She used her pen to defend the natural world from toxic chemicals. As her own body succumbed to cancer, Carson fought to help launch the modern environmental movement.
"A Fable for Tomorrow" is part of a 15-part documentary series about the history of social change.
Sliberty Shorts, Episode 3: Gourmet Green | East Liberty Development, Inc
Created for a non-profit dedicated to fostering the revitalization of the East Liberty community.
Nanoscience has the power to shape a wide variety of future technologies that will impact modern life. Julia Bursten (University of Pittsburgh) discusses the need for a philosophy of nanoscience.
Nature Documentary Highlight Reel (2017)
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