Michael Pisano, Director // Michael is an award-winning animator, illustrator, and filmmaker. Michael uses storytelling, from documentary to illustration series to transmedia hybrids, to educate about nature and the importance of stewardship in the Anthropocene. www.michaelpisano.com

Caitlin Mae Burke, Producer // Caitlin is an Emmy-winning producer of documentary and dramatic films and non-fiction television. www.caitlinmaeburke.com

Rich Pell, Advisor // Rich Pell is an artist working at the intersections of science, engineering and culture. He is the founder of the Center for PostNatural History. www.postnatural.org

Charlotte Jennings, Advisor // Charlotte is a scientist studying Biodiversity, Integrative Biology and Evolutionary Biogeography. berkeley.academia.edu/CharlotteJennings

Di-ay Battad, Assistant Director // Di-ay is the assistant studio director at Pisano Films, and is an educator and artist working in video, animation, and 2d media. www.di-ay.com

Christin Bongiorni, Post-Production Assistant // Christin is an editor and animator at Pisano Films, before which she was an animator at Adult Swim. www.christinbongiorni.com

Amos Levy, Soundtracking Artist // Amos is a DJ, educator, and producer in Pittsburgh, PA. soundcloud.com/djthermos

Prospective Interviews

John Rawlins, Director, Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystems and Curator of Invertebrate Zoology at Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Patricia DeMarco, Author, former Executive Director of the Rachel Carson Homestead Association and Director of the Rachel Carson Institute at Chatham University
Taiji Nelson, Naturalist Educator, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
Carl Jones, Jr., Director of Environmental Justice, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Jerome Ringo, Former chairperson of the National Wildlife Foundation and Environmental Justice Activist
Tia-Lynn Ashman, Distinguished Professor of Evolutionary Ecology, University of Pittsburgh
Talia Chorover, Ethnobiologist, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University
Charlotte Jennings, Evolutionary Biogeography and Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Biology
Michael Gilmore, Professor of Ethnobiology, community-based conservation, biocultural diversity, sustainable development, George Mason University
Cori Richards-Zawacki, Director, Pymatuning Lab of Ecology and Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
Martin Turcotte, Professor of Evolutionary Ecology, University of Pittsburgh
Jason Wirick, Director of Facilities and Sustainability Management, Phipps Conservatory
Richard Pell, Director, Center for PostNatural History
Devra Davis, Epidemiologist, Author, and Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Phil Ross, CTO and Co-Founder, MycoWorks
Denise King, Exhibit Developer, Exploratorium

Various Protesting Scientists, March for Science in Washington, DC, April 2017