The Dying Earth Scouts Conservation Handbook is a multimedia guide to stewardship in the Anthropocene. Centered around a webseries of short documentaries, the Handbook provides tutorials, background knowledge, and case studies from the front lines of environmental activism. Episodes will plot example practices in environmental activism along two axes: from individual to communal, stretching from what one person can do to what a global grassroots coalition might accomplish; and from casual to militant, to examine the many forms conservation can take.
Goals // To provide free educational resources for everyday conservation // To champion diverse stewards from global history and the present, highlighting them as heroes and role models // To reframe our relationship with the environment as a responsibility to protect it.
The Handbook will look a lot like an online textbook collecting multimedia lessons and activities. Each unit is anchored by an ~5 minute long video.
Episode 1 // The March for Science / Joining rallying scientists in Washington, DC on Earth day 2017 to ask protestors why they’re marching. What’s at stake in the Anthropocene?
Episode 2 // A Brief History of Conservation / How have humans related to the environment throughout the history of our species? Where does stewardship fit into different cultures?
Episode 3 // Where Do I Start? / Three things to do without leaving your computer, three things to do in your home, and three things to do in your neighborhood.
Episode 4 // Environmental Justice / What communities are most at risk from the impact of climate change and why? How can environmental conservation become more equitable?
Episode 5 // Grassroots / How can civilians organize to amplify their voice and impact?
Episode 6 // Policy / What is government’s role in conservation?
Episode 7 // The Future / Proposals from the bleeding edge and speculative science fiction. What’s the best-case scenario? What’s the worst case scenario?